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Frequently Asked Questions: Funeral Services & Cemeteries

serving northwest houston, the woodlands, tomball, waller, montgomery1. Can any funeral home assist me during the loss of a loved one or do I have to use the funeral home that owns the cemetery where my loved one owns property?

You have the right to use any funeral home.  The firm that owns the cemetery where your loved one owns property can not prevent you from using another firm.

2. If I choose a viewing followed by cremation do I have to purchase a casket for the viewing?

No!  Not at Magnolia Funeral Home.  While some funeral homes do have that requirement we do not.  We have a "rental" casket that you can use for only $200. 

3. Is there a state law stating that I have to buy an outer burial container or vault? 

The answer is No!  However, most perpetual care cemeteries do require at least a concrete grave liner so that the weight of the grave doesn't crush the casket and cause the grave to cave in.  You do not have to purchase the outer burial container from the cemetery.   It can be purchased from the cemetery, the funeral home you use, or some other provider of your choosing.

4. Does a body have to be embalmed?

There is no state law requiring embalming.  However, if you choose a funeral with a public viewing embalming would be necessary.

5. If my loved one desires cremation but other family members want to have a public viewing how does that work?

Much the same way as a traditional funeral.  The body would be embalmed, bathed, dressed, have appropriate cosmetics applied, if necessary, and put in a casket that you either rent or purchase.  Once the funeral service is over funeral home personnel transfer the body to an alternative container that is then taken to the crematory for the cremation process.

6. What does one do with the cremated remains (ashes/cremains) of their loved one?

Usually one of three things happens.  The family (1) will keep the urn in their possession (to be kept on the Mantle, Dresser, etc.), (2) scatter the cremains in a location they think their loved one would have wanted, or (3) bury the urn in a cemetery. This is a personal decision to be made by the family.

7.  What payment options are available to me if I use you?  There are basically three payment options available as follows:

  1. Check
  2. Credit Card
  3. Insurance Assignment
    1. Must have been in force two years minimum
    2. Insurer must verify in writing policy is active and paid to date
    3. Insurer must verify in writing policy is assignable
    4. Beneficiary must be someone who is also signing funeral contract

8.  If I desire to cremate my loved one are their additional papers to sign? 

Yes.  If you are talking about cremating a parent who was single or widowed at the time of their death, the funeral home will need written permission from you and any other children of your parent who died.  If you want to cremate your spouse only your authorization is needed.  However, if there is a pre-need in place for the deceased that shows their wishes were to be buried vs. cremated the wishes of the deceased must be respected. 

9.  If I purchased a pre-need from another funeral home can I use it at Magnolia Funeral Home?

Usually, because we honor most pre-need funeral plans.  They would simply need to be verified concerning how much the plan covers. 

10.  Does the cemetery space need to be paid for prior to burial?

Yes.  If death occurs prior to the cemetery space either being paid off or if no cemetery space had been purchased prior to death the survivors would need to make arrangements to pay off the space prior to the burial.  We can advise you as to the best way to accomplish this. 

11.  Can pre-planning make it easier for my loved one to receive Medicaid benefits for nursing home care?

Yes.  By purchasing a pre-arranged funeral plan you remove cash from your loved one's estate and thereby "spend down" their assets.  The government allows funds to be spent on a pre-arranged funeral plan provided a document is signed saying the beneficiary (the one about to enter the nursing home) can not get their money back later by "cashing it in".