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Patricia "Robyn" Provee-Waits
died August 29, 2017

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Guestbook Sign the Guestbook
Mary Ann D. GraingerGloria Clements (thistle809)
Susann Dietrich (Venezuela)Florence (Theo / Switzerland)
Hilary ( miner ) Canadanapoeon (Athens/Greece)
Joanna BakerRosalie Belcher (RosieBVT)
Karin Grage (gernespieler)Carol (shylo)
Cynthia Wright (Crusader)Lynnette (Gertie0513)
RandyCynthia Herbert
FudgeChi (Red Westfield)sue lees (annadownes
Liz Ferguson Scott Gilpin
Wanda Norris (Pook)Alan (aka. PTG)
Karen Sukow (Sadie)Ada Talbert (Sharp Eye)
Cynthia Hill

Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Mary Ann D. Grainger Sep 16, 2017
So a last farewell to our friend. We are all heartbroken and there are no words for all our sadness of loosing our dear friend.
By: Florence Sep 9, 2017
Dear Robyn,

We haven't had a chance to meet in real life but you will be sorely missed.

May you rest peacefully my friend.
Meet you somewhere... some day... <3

To your family and friends, my most sincere condolences.

Theo (Lausanne, Switzerland)
By: Hilary Sep 8, 2017
To Robyn's family I send my condolences.

Knowing Robyn through MC game, she was a wonderful friend to so may of us all around the world and will be sadly missed.

May she rest in peace
By: Joanna 'AG1" Sep 5, 2017
Robyn was a good game friend and we emailed each other, I was so shocked to see that she had passed away, I miss her so much but will always be able to read her posts on our forum,

The world is a sadder place without her,

My condolences to her family, she was much loved by all of us,

Joanna (aussiegirl1)
By: Cindy Sep 3, 2017
My heart is aching right now at the loss of a wonderful friend. Even though I never met her in person I feel like she was a true friend. May you rest in peace and know you will never be forgotten.

Heaven just received another angel and the sky now has another star shining brightly.

Cynthia Wright (Crusader)
By: Randy Sep 3, 2017
Randy Bradshaw September 3 2017

This is the hardest thing I have had to do , I am still devastated in total shock and in deep mourning over this news that my dear friend Robyn has left us.
We go back almost 4 years where we meet in Midnight Castle and became very close friends and our friendship grew day by day.
If only I had been able to see her in real life and tell her how much she is loved within our home away from home and to have been able to cuddle Shadow.
She will be greatly missed by us all and will forever remain in our hearts
To her family my deepest condolence I send from my sister and myself here in Canada .
Look into the night sky and you will see a new and extremely bright new star that is our Robyn .
Sleep in peach my dear friend I love and miss you
By: Sue Sep 3, 2017
Robyn and I never had the chance to meet in real life, but we have been friends since January, 2014, due to a game called Midnight Castle. We have shared ups and downs, along with many other friends, sympathised with each other on the loss of treasured pets. Our group, of which Robyn was a much loved and valued friend, will feel her loss deeply. We are from Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Germany, Cornwall, United States and Canada, just to name a few.

Robyn?s sense of humour will be sorely missed and her down to earth approach has helped many of us.

See you in the afterlife.

By: Cynthia Herbert Sep 3, 2017
We only knew Robyn for a short time (the start of Midnight Castle) but we feel we have known her all our lives. To those who did know her for much longer our condolences, such a character leaves a tremendous hole which cannot be filled. Rest In Peace lovely lady, you helped more people than you will ever know. xxx

Andrew Gordon (Molersman) & cynththemoler (Forest Fairy)
By: Liz Ferguson (WolfenRaindancer) Sep 3, 2017
I am one who is also shell-shocked and so saddened to hear of Robyn's passing on. She has meant a lot to me as we have 'chatted' over the years. I will miss her, but am grateful to have had my heart touched by her. I am glad that her Shadow will be taken care of and loved as well. sincere condolences to all the family.
By: Scott Gilpin "Gandalf" Sep 3, 2017
Such A Beautifull Personality,My Big Sis,An Honor To Know You,..I Will Miss You Dearly ..Your "Lil Bro"
By: Wanda Norris (Pook) Sep 3, 2017
Many thoughts and prayers to the family of Robyn (Apollo). Robyn will be truly missed and loved forever in the Castle. May we meet again in another fantastic place and make another journey together.

Wanda Norris (Pook)
By: Alan (aka. PTG) Sep 3, 2017
2 September 2017
To read and learn from her in the Castle Forum has been an inspiration for me on a daily basis. I have seen her devotion to her Friends and to the loving animal pet that she shared her life with.
Such a loss never be replaced and she will remain in my memory for ever.
I join with you all in my sorrow at this time
By: napoeon Sep 2, 2017
My heartfelt condolences to family, friends and MC friends. We are here to support you in your grieving process and honoring the memory of Robyn.

We are here to celebrate your life Robyn.
And the measure of its worth.
And every single life you touched.
While you were on this earth.
We wish to pay our last respects.
That's why we all are here.
To thank you for your friendship.
And all the memories we hold dear.

Goodbye Robyn,your MC family miss you greatly, for everything you have done for us, we owe you our eternal love and the promise we will never forget you.

By: Karen Sukow (Sadie) Sep 2, 2017
I want to extend my sincere condolences to the family of our beloved Apollo (Robyn)(Patricia). I was shocked to the core to hear of her passing. She will be missed by her Midnight Castle family for a very long time. Although I never spoke with her personally, she has been a friend long distance for a long time. She has been a friend to many and always wanted to help anyone through a problem. She just recently gave me some very needed help. Thank you Robyn. We miss you.
By: Ada Talbert (Sharp Eye) Sep 2, 2017
I didn't know Robyn personally, but felt like I did through all her wonderful forum posts in The Call and her many, many posts regarding the game we shared a great love for. I hope there's some peace in that Shadow is being taken care of. Robyn has an enormous amount of game friends and we're all grieving her loss! Rest in peace now in Jesus' arms!
By: Becky / Annelliegram Sep 2, 2017
WoW ... Where to begin? .... there is no beginning. I was heartbroken when we lost Apollo to the MC forum ... so many contributions, so many stories. But, we still had her in the game and in life. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel with this additional loss.

My heart-felt condolences to the family....and may Shadow continue to have a good home.
By: Cynthia Hill (Fuzzy) Sep 2, 2017
Her sudden passing has left us shell shocked and heart broken. She had a GREAT sense of humor!!! True Grit and a True Texan through and through with a heart as big as Texas. She was so strong, I thoroughly believed she would outlive us all. She made no bones about the fact that she did NOT suffer fools but, if she loved you, she loved you, warts and all. We are blessed to have had her with us as long as we did. A great friend, a great Warrior, a great lady, she will be sorely missed!!!!!
By: Mary Ann Sep 2, 2017
We are still shocked by the news of her passing but all our hearts go out to her family and her beloved German shepard Shadow. May the new owner help her thru this heartbreaking ordeal. I was hoping to make it to TX this year to pick up my moms ashes and find a way to meet both in person. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Mary Ann D. Grainger, Hof, Germany
By: Sue Lees Sep 2, 2017
Robyn I never had the chance to meet you in person, but our messages, emails and forum posts brought great joy and laughter into my life and the lives of others. Myrtle sends purrs of condolences to your family and to Shadow.

Sue (Trixie Belle, Myrtle and Cattiepuss in the castle.
By: Libby (whitebutterfly54) Sep 2, 2017
I am shocked and extremely saddened by Robyn's passing. She was a very dear game friend. She was among my first friends and her contributions were enormous. I will miss her wonderful stories about Shadow and all her terrific upbeat posts.

So sad and heartsick...my deepest condolences to her friends and family.
By: Susann Dietrich Sep 2, 2017
Please give her friends and family my most heartfelt condolences on the passing of Patricia Provee-Waits. Patricia was a great friend to me and I will miss her everyday for as long as I live. Sadly I am too far away to come in person, but let her family know that she was well loved and cherished by many, many people.

Thank you,

Susann Dietrich

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