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Obituaries & Service Information

Welcome to the services schedule and online obituaries for Magnolia Funeral Home.

Below is a list of recent services scheduled at our funeral home(s). Click on the name of the individual to read their obituary, death notice, or eulogy. There you will also see their funeral service, visitation and/or interment times and locations. Click on the Tributes link to sign an online guest book, or to leave an online tribute to the deceased.

If you do not see the name of the individual you are looking for, then try searching our data bases.


All Obituaries: t
Name (click to view)Date of Death   
Jean Tabor Jul 24, 2014Tributes Condolences
Naomi Tabor Nov 10, 2012Tributes Condolences
Charlene Tadlock Nov 26, 2008Tributes Condolences
George Tager Jan 30, 2018Tributes Condolences
Christopher Julian Tallent Mar 1, 2005Tributes Condolences
Melvia Tassin Jan 12, 2009Tributes Condolences
Mike Tate Apr 28, 2016Tributes Condolences
Raymond Tatum Jul 2, 2017Tributes Condolences
James "Jim" Taylor Aug 24, 2016Tributes Condolences
John Taylor Jul 2, 2010Tributes Condolences
Juanita Taylor Jan 3, 2010Tributes Condolences
Kerry Taylor Feb 7, 2015Tributes Condolences
Mabel Taylor Jan 31, 2011Tributes Condolences
Melissa Taylor May 7, 2010Tributes Condolences
Waymon Taylor Apr 16, 2012Tributes Condolences
Bowen L Taylor, Jr. Feb 17, 2018Tributes Condolences
Mr. Johnnie Tending Jul 1, 2016Tributes Condolences
Carol Tepus Jul 31, 2013Tributes Condolences
Ruth Tharp Dec 29, 2006Tributes Condolences
Cynthia Thayne Aug 30, 2014Tributes Condolences
Joseph "Hank" Thebeault Dec 23, 2007Tributes Condolences
Zella Theis Apr 19, 2011Tributes Condolences
Charlie Thomas Apr 19, 2016Tributes Condolences
David Thomas Feb 15, 2018Tributes Condolences
Delta Thomas Sep 21, 2012Tributes Condolences
Homer Thomas Jan 27, 2013Tributes Condolences
Margaret Thomas Sep 18, 2017Tributes Condolences
Milton Thomas Apr 29, 2009Tributes Condolences
Steven Thomas Jan 23, 2013Tributes Condolences
Mark Thomason Nov 18, 2012Tributes Condolences
Gene Thomley Jul 1, 2013Tributes Condolences
Jason Thomley Nov 26, 2015Tributes Condolences
Charlie Thompson Oct 23, 2015Tributes Condolences
Deborah Thompson Nov 14, 2013Tributes Condolences
Horace Thompson Oct 15, 2005Tributes Condolences
Laura Thompson Apr 24, 2017Tributes Condolences
Mary Thompson May 3, 2008Tributes Condolences
Larry Thompson, Sr. Dec 28, 2007Tributes Condolences
Mia Grace Thorman Dec 12, 2016Tributes Condolences
Gordon Thorn Aug 16, 2014Tributes Condolences
Jean Thorn Oct 26, 2014Tributes Condolences
Beverly Thornton Jul 17, 2017Tributes Condolences
David Thornton Oct 14, 2008Tributes Condolences
Donna Thornton Jun 27, 2017Tributes Condolences
Fredrick "Rick" Threet Mar 4, 2009Tributes Condolences
Suzette Threet Mar 4, 2009Tributes Condolences
Steven Tillery Oct 23, 2006Tributes Condolences
Larry Tilton Jul 11, 2017Tributes Condolences
Bonnie Timmins Oct 18, 2008Tributes Condolences
Charles Timmins Aug 10, 2016Tributes Condolences
John Timmins Jan 13, 2005Tributes Condolences
Leonard Tinkle Apr 15, 2009Tributes Condolences
Barbara Tinney Jul 10, 2011Tributes Condolences
William Tinney Aug 11, 2009Tributes Condolences
Noah Tisdale Nov 20, 2007Tributes Condolences
Patsy Titsworth Feb 11, 2005Tributes Condolences
Allison Todd Oct 9, 2009Tributes Condolences
Betty Tofft Jun 26, 2011Tributes Condolences
Brenda Tolar Jun 22, 2016Tributes Condolences
Thomas Tolfree Mar 8, 2011Tributes Condolences
Darlene Tondre Dec 14, 2017Tributes Condolences
Carmon "Peggy" Toney May 22, 2008Tributes Condolences
Anthony Toomer Oct 2, 2015Tributes Condolences
Milagros Torres Nov 18, 2012Tributes Condolences
Magdaleno Torres Jr. Sep 27, 2009Tributes Condolences
James Towns Nov 2, 2017Tributes Condolences
Michael Towns Oct 18, 2016Tributes Condolences
Don Townsend Oct 16, 2010Tributes Condolences
Frances Tracy Jan 16, 2011Tributes Condolences
Itzel Trajo Oct 14, 2012Tributes Condolences
Emma Trevino Feb 29, 2012Tributes Condolences
Dominga Trigo Jul 6, 2016Tributes Condolences
William Triplett Dec 13, 2016Tributes Condolences
Danise Truesdale Apr 17, 2015Tributes Condolences
Janie Tubbs Jul 25, 2017Tributes Condolences
Betty Tune May 19, 2009Tributes Condolences
Adam Turner Feb 3, 2017Tributes Condolences
Jeffery Turner Jun 18, 2010Tributes Condolences
Virgil Turner Oct 24, 2015Tributes Condolences
Robert Turner, Sr. Dec 2, 2006Tributes Condolences
Nannette Tyler May 14, 2013Tributes Condolences
Richard Tyler Feb 6, 2018Tributes Condolences
Walter Tyler Jan 13, 2011Tributes Condolences
Monty Tyson May 9, 2005Tributes Condolences
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