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Daniel Fish, Sr.
died May 18, 2018

Daniel Fish, Sr., age 73 of Magnolia, passed away May 18, 2018. The Addison Family and staff of Magnolia Funeral Home extend their condolences to his family.

Dan Fish was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1945. He first met Mary when they were 14 years old. Dan use to avoid going home because everyone wanted him to cook for the whole family and he just wanted to come home and cook for himself. So, Dan would take off and go over to Mary's Mom's house and crash out on their couch. Dan and Mary dated off and on before Dan went into the Army, then one time while Dan was home on leave Mary asked him to marry her.

They began the Fish Family on December 23, 1966 in Ohio.

One day before Dan got out of the military, he came home to Youngstown and told Mary they were going to raise hogs! The family is blessed that this dream actually did not take place...for real! Thankfully he stuck to the trade he worked at prior to joining the Army...and went back to being a welder. This is the trade he stuck to for 40+ years. Dan worked in North Carolina primarily, but he bounced back and forth to South Carolina and Virginia as well, while Mary raised their first three children, David, Danny and Michele and worked at some of the local restaurants. Christina, his youngest daughter was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. This was the last of the kids...Mom said thank God!

It was in NC that Dan took the time to teach his kids how to swim, water ski, fish, hunt and do dishes. Wait, that was his mother...she made (taught) the kids when she moved in for a little while. The family spent a lot of time at Indian Head Beach, NC. They spent many weekends in a camper on the back of the truck fishing on the coast. Dan seemed to be happiest when he was fishing.
Dan moved where he could find employment, so after bouncing around the Carolinas, he moved the family to Pensacola, Florida. This location was one of the family's favorite places to live. Back to some of those fishing stories, Dan went out and purchased a 1952 21' cabin cruiser with a 350 inboard engine. The entire family rebuilt this wooden boat in the front yard until it was sea worthy. This was a great escape once the family got tired of fishing at Ft Pickens and on the Golf Breeze 3-mile bridge. This chapter only lasted three years...then we were on to the next move.

Texas! The family lived in Houston, Bellville, Palmer and now in Magnolia for the past 35 years. Dan retired almost 10 years ago, and Mary retired a couple of years later. All of the family now live in Texas, and they all get along most days. But when there is an event where the family needs to rally together to support one another, just like they have the past two weeks, there isn't a stronger family out there.

Dan will be remembered for his BBQ, he was awesome, especially when he was competing in some cook-offs. He loved to hunt and fish everywhere the family lived. He was real good with his hands and built many crafts and larger projects everywhere his family lived. He even dabbled in building some computers when he lived in Palmer TX.

Needless to say, he loved to work outside. The last few years Dan spent his time watching lots of cowboy movies. It was his favorite past time...and he knew all of the words to his favorite movies.

Dan will be missed by all of his family and their friends.

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Mon., May 21, 2018
3:00 pm
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